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The Tow-boat Hall
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The Tow-boat Hall

Opposite the Visitors Centre is the Tow-boat Hall , a contemporary architectural  project; it shelters an electric fluvial tug from 1983 that allowed the merchant barges to pass through the tunnel. The originality of the Tow-boat Hall is in its structure - recycled cardboard tubes joined by aluminium nodes! This contemporary ecological construction reproduces the form of the « Voûte », as when the tow-boats were passing through the tunnel.

Hydroelectric powerplant

On the other side of the port, under the lock, is located the hydroelectric power plant that used to supply the fluvial tow-boat with electricity thanks to a turbine powered by the water running out of the harbour.
Hydroelectric power plant
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Hydroelectric power plant

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